Arya Sadat-Sowti

3D Artist

Dad portrait

This is a likeness of my dad and my first attempt to do a realistic portrait.
I used zbrush for modelling the head and the clothes, zbrush / mudbox / photoshop for texturing, V-ray for rendering using the VrayFastSSS2 Material for the skin and final composition in Nuke

Softwares used


Sculpting the Head and texturing using projection and polypainting Creating maps for the skins using photoshop Modeling the clothes using extraction and zmodeler Studio Setup in Maya and creating the hair using Fibermesh and nHair Since I knew it'll be a still image I've imported a " medium " rez mesh in Maya, And finally tweaking the beauty in Nuke using render pass and adding DOF, Chromatic Abberation...
Here some early work in progress

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