Arya Sadat-Sowti

3D Artist

Ouroboros - Student Short Film

This is a short film I did during my last years at ISART DIGITAL with the help of other student.

My main task on this project was to create the dragon. I was in charge on the modeling and sculpting of the dragon and I also helped later on the Look-Dev

Softwares used

More informations in the dragon's modeling / sculpting workflow

I started the model in zBrush using a concept made by one of my friend, for a few days we talked togheter on the design and shape of the dragon. Thanks to zBrush and the dynamesher we could easlier make iteration until we were satisfed on the main shape. Once we had the main shape fixed, we did a retopo in Maya and I could start adding the main musle and starting to create the scales.

But we find out quickly that we'd need more resolution if we want to be able to having close-up on the dragon. So I split the dragon in 8 part, each part representing a UV Tile, and I sculpt on each part in a different subtool using a black & white scale map as a base that another student draw inside of Mari. This way I managed to have more than 8 million polygon on each of theses part of the Dragon, insted of 8 million on the whole body. I also work on this shot, I did the animation and for the modeling / sculpting I used the dragon as a base to do a detail pass on it, I also tweaked the shading to fit the shot.

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